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In 2015, all members of the United Nations agreed on 17 goals to build a world of peace, dignity and prosperity on a healthy planet. 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a detailed plan for a sustainable future for people and planet. Our target for reaching these goals is 2030 - but our progress on these challenges is far too slow. 

People created these challenges and only people can solve them. Which individual and collective skills and abilities do we need to succeed? 

Welcome to this global survey, created by Inner Development Goals (IDGs) - a non-profit and open-source organisation with the purpose of bringing the power of inner development to global challenges faced by humanity. Learn more about the study "One-Question. Global Impact"

We need your wisdom!

Here is our One BIG Question:

Question Title

* 1. What qualities, abilities or skills do we need to develop to build a sustainable future for people and planet?
  • Please write ONE quality, ability or skill in each textbox. 
  • We ask you to suggest up to 10 individual or collective skills. 
  • Feel free to explain your suggestions with short comments.