Welcome to SWCHR’s 2017 Reptile and Amphibian Public Opinion Survey!  This survey will help provide data based on public attitudes toward reptiles and amphibians, as well as regulations and practices regarding public interaction with these animals.

- Plan to spend 45 minutes or less completing the survey (it is thorough).  Upon successful completion you will be presented a code to enter a drawing for a book giveaway.  The questions generally flow in the following order:

          - General opinion questions
          - Reptile/Amphibian Expos, Conferences, and Other Events
          - Looking for Reptiles/Amphibians in the Wild
          - Collecting Reptiles/Amphibians
          - Keeping Reptiles/Amphibians
          - Demographics (important for analyzing the results!)

- It is highly recommended you complete this survey on a computer or laptop instead of a phone or other mobile device, as some questions may not display or register responses properly. 

- Please answer the questions based on your own opinions, and not those of any group or agency with which you may be affiliated. 

- It is important you answer all questions, rather than skipping some, because you may be asked more (or fewer) questions based on your responses.  Skipping questions may prevent the survey program code from properly executing.

- For questions asking about regulations, attitudes, etc. in “your home state/country,” answer based on where you currently live on a permanent basis (not visiting or living temporarily for work, school, etc.).

- There are no “correct” answers—this is a survey based on YOUR experiences and opinions.

- Please do not use response text fields to provide feedback on the survey itself.  Comments and suggestions can be emailed to info@southwesternherp.com.

- Your responses are anonymous—we do not track names or IP addresses; therefore, please be as candid as you can with your answers.