This is a survey about your use of, and satisfaction with, your internet service. The survey is sponsored and conducted by a non-profit, all-volunteer community organization, the Southwestern Waldo County Broadband Coalition (SWCBC). Our goal is to help people who live and work in Freedom, Liberty, Montville, Palermo or Searsmont get better access to faster, more reliable internet service. To do that, we need to know more about how people view their internet service today, and what they want from their internet service in the future.

You can take the survey for your household, or for a business, or on behalf of a nonprofit group or other organization. If you wish to take the survey on behalf of more than one of these (say, for your household, and also for your business), that's fine - Feel free to take the survey once on behalf of each of these.

Many questions are optional, but the more you tell us, the better informed we'll be.

The survey will take about 10–15 minutes to complete. When you're ready to start, just click the "Next" button.