Thank you for attending Summer Working Connections IT Faculty Development Institute 2019 at Collin College.

As you know, you are required to complete TWO end-of-program surveys (this overall survey and also a track-specific survey) in order to be eligible to attend future Working Connections events.

Your responses will remain confidential and only aggregate data will be reported. If you have any questions about this survey or your participation in it, please contact the external evaluator Gordon Snyder at

Your feedback is an essential element part of the annual grant reporting we provide to the National Science Foundation.

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* 1. You have the option of remaining anonymous (i.e. you don't have to fill in the "Name" and "Email Address" boxes below).

However, you MUST enter the city of your birth and last four digits of your Social Security number on this and all future surveys - these answers have to match the answers you provided on your initial Working Connections (WC) registration form. If your answers do not match and we cannot confirm that you took this survey, you may be ineligible to attend future Working Connections events.

All personal information will be disaggregated from response data - no identifying data will be used in reporting.

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* 2. Please enter the city of your birth and the same four digits that you used on your WC registration (which may or may not be the last four numbers of your Social Security number).