Welcome to our 8-question orthopaedic industry survey!

As you may know, each year we publish THE ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT®. This time, we endeavor to collect your voices beforehand and include them where helpful...anonymously, of course. We will NEVER include your name without express written permission. Thank you in advance for your candor and your time! (All questions are required.)

* 1. Tell us about you.

* 2. Please select the group that best describes your company's affiliation.

* 3. We suspect that you may be wearing multiple hats, but please do your best to select the one answer that best captures your primary responsibility.

* 4. Please select the market segment that best describes your personal focus - check all that apply.

* 5. In looking back to 2016-2017, what was the most significant development in the market segments that you serve?

* 6. From your view, what do you think is the overall orthopaedic/spine industry growth potential of the following regions in 2018 through 2022?

  Double-digit growth potential Mid-single-digit growth potential Low- to no-single-digit growth potential Unsure
All others

* 7. In 2018 and beyond, where do the opportunities lie for you and your company, do you think?

* 8. For 2018 and beyond, what one piece of advice can you offer your peers?