Welcome to Canadian Lawyer’s 15th annual Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers. This year, we will be picking the top 5 lawyers and judges in the following 5 categories:
  • Human Rights, Advocacy and Criminal: lawyers who have advocated for individuals or public interest causes through litigation or in a public forum
  • Business: lawyers who have influenced the marketplace and business in Canada. This could be through leadership at a business-facing law firm, legal work, advocacy for market reforms, and improved competition. This category includes many aspects related to business law, including litigation, big deals, class actions, and law firm leadership.
  • In-house: lawyers employed in an in-house position.
  • Changemakers: lawyers in any practice who have been leaders, innovators, or catalysts for positive change in any area of the profession, such as diversity, law firm management, technology, education, etc.
  • Government/non-profits/associations/judiciary: this includes public inquiries, officers of Parliament, academic institutions, the judiciary and those serving public institutions in various capacities

The Top 25 Most Influential is not a lifetime achievement award but recognition of lawyers who have played a significant role in the legal profession and Canadian and international society in the last 18 months. Canadian Lawyer is defining “influential” as not just about bright stars, big deals, or the number of media mentions — although those may play a part. It’s about people who have power and influence the laws, justice system, and legal profession in Canada and abroad today.

Voting closes on Friday, May 17.

The results of this poll will form part of the final decision-making process that will be undertaken by the magazine's editorial team. Look out for the results in the September issue.