STEPS- A community initiative to design the pathway to a long-term remission of HIV infection

The participation to the STEPS community training, which will take place in Milan on Tuesday 24 October 2017, is open to all the community members (as well as to researchers, clinicians, other experts engaged with the HIV community) with a specific interest in the HIV cure/ therapeutic vaccine research.

If you intend to participate to the meeting, please fill in the registration form below.

There is a very limited number of scholarships available for community members, to cover for the accommodation of the night of 24 October (please note that we are not able to cover any other cost). The application for scholarship will close at midnight CET of August 21.

* 1. Name exactly as it appears on your passport

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* 3. You are:

* 4. If you are a community member. Do you represent one of this groups?

* 5. Contact Details

* 6. Please explain why you are interested in attending this particular meeting and what will be your specific contribution to it. The answer to this question will define your selection in case you apply to the scholarship.

* 7. Will you attend the EACS 2017 conference?

* 8. Will you need a visa letter from EATG in order to attend the meeting?

* 9. If you need a letter please provide the following information:

* 10. Dietary Restrictions