In fall 2016, voters approved funding for STA Moving Forward, Spokane Transit’s 10-year plan for more and better transit. Many projects have already been completed, including the West Plains Transit Center, new SCC Transit CenterMoran Station Park & Ride, and creation of several new routes.

STA is now planning for more changes that would take place in May of 2022. This includes STA’s first bus rapid transit line, City Line, and improving routes and frequency to Hillyard/Northeast Spokane. Changes to routes that connect to the City Line corridor and other route revisions to improve system performance are proposed.

An earlier preliminary proposal was published in January 2020, followed by an online survey. The feedback from the previous survey informed this proposal. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a reevaluation of assumptions. STA is now seeking your input on a preliminary proposal that reflects the changes that have resulted from the pandemic. Adjustments to routes are also proposed to address poor performing segments. Underutilized service on specific routes on evenings and weekends throughout the network is also proposed to be adjusted to better reflect demand.

This survey includes a summary of the proposed route changes. For a full description of the proposed changes please review the 2022 Service Revisions Revised Preliminary Proposal.