About You and Your Practice

The WOCN® Society is committed to offering high quality education programs to help WOC nurses raise their competency levels and promote professional development. To better meet the educational needs and wants of WOC nurses, we want to hear from you--tell us what content you're looking for by completing our nursing educational Professional Practice Gap survey! WOCN committees use the information you submit to inform the continuing education content that is featured at WOCNext and online in the Continuing Education Center (CEC). Your feedback is important as it will help ensure that we continue to provide high quality, evidence-based content--which in turn will help you improve your clinical practice and patient outcomes!

Thank you taking the time to complete this Professional Practice Gap survey by Friday, February 25, 2022. By completing the survey (and including your name and email address), you will be entered to win a year of free membership! One lucky member will be randomly selected to win.

Question Title

* 1. Please share the frequency with which you practice in each of the following practice settings/areas.

  Minimal (e.g., on occasion or it has been a long time) Often (e.g.,  practice regularly but not my primary or singular area/setting) This is my primary practice area/setting. N/A - Do not practice in this setting.
Acute Care
Ambulatory Care
Home Health
Long Term Acute Care
Long Term Care - Rehab only
LTC - Skilled Nursing Facility
Military/VA Medical Facility
Private Practice
Palliative Care

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* 2. Check the boxes for the patient populations you see in your primary practice setting. 

Question Title

* 3. Which areas of the WOC clinical scope do you practice in? Check all that apply.