The Town of Stratford is conducting a survey to better understand the current and future housing needs within our region and in particular how employees are affected by housing

Affordable housing is important for individuals and families to contribute to our society, and is not just about the ‘physical buildings’, rather affordable housing promotes overall well-being, economic strength, and helps with building strong communities. (For our purposes, affordable housing is defined as “housing that meets the needs of a variety of households in the low to moderate income range.”) Thank you for taking the time to respond. This survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. 
Please note that your survey responses are confidential and anonymous. However, we are asking you to respond to the following three questions, so that we can track your responses throughout the project without being able to identify you but to allow us to monitor changes in individual responses that may indicate changes in behaviour, opinion or situation throughout this project period.

Question Title

* The first three letters of your Mother’s first name.

Question Title

* The first three letters of the Month you were born.

Question Title

* The first three letters of the Street on which you live.

7% of survey complete.