Across Canada, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other health care providers are working hard to keep hospitals and emergency departments open to ALL Canadians. The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada is working to ensure that the experiences of rural physicians, hospitals, and communities are visible. 

Your community’s experience of service closures is important to us, and we hope that the infographic we create with the information we receive will be impactful. 
The infographic will be available on our website. It will be used in our communications with government and other national organizations as we advocate on your behalf for better health care services for Canadians.

Please help us identify rural towns, communities and urban centers where services have had to close due to staff shortages in 2021 and 2022. 

We encourage you to complete this for your community and would be grateful if you would send the link to colleagues in other communities to complete it for their communities.

Examples of Departments, Services: ER, OR, outpatient services, Maternity care, diagnostic imaging or lab services, primary care - either family medicine or nursing station in remote setting, etc. ) 

Duration. Approximately how long was it closed? Several hours, days or weeks? Is it still closed? or maybe it is ongoing. 

Thank you for everything you have been doing to keep services going during these very challenging times. Your work matters.

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If you would like to provide us with your email address we can let you know of any updates concerning this project. 

Thank you again for completing this survey.  We know that every moment in your day is valuable and we are grateful for your time.

Additional submissions are appreciated.
Please share the link below with your colleagues and peers across Canada to provide us with other site closures.