Introduction: Survey to people seeking legal assistance

You are invited to participate in a survey. The survey is given to all people who wanted to represent themselves in court and have used the Justice Connect website for information or had any contact with the Justice Connect Self Representation Service. From this point on the Justice Connect Self Representation Service will be referred to as 'the service' in the survey.
The survey is being run by Court Services Victoria and is part of a larger evaluation study of the service. Previously, you may completed a Client Feedback Form given to you by Justice Connect. This is a different survey and will be asking some different questions.
The questions will ask about your experience with contacting the service, using the website to find information and if you had legal help, how useful the help was that you received.
This survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

No personal information is requested in this survey so we will not know who has completed the survey and who has not. Completing the survey is completely voluntary and we hope that you would find the time to participate in the survey evaluating the service. 

If you have any questions about the survey, please email

Question Title

* 1. Where did you first learn about the Self Representation Service at Justice Connect (the service)?

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