Oklahoma Public Health Association 2023 Award Nominations

Every year, the Oklahoma Public Health Association honors those who have made special, noteworthy contributions to the field of public health in Oklahoma.

If you know of an individual, business or program deserving of recognition for their contributions to public health this past year, nominate them for a prestigious OPHA Award!

Nominations can be submitted through Friday, June 30, 2023. Awards will be
presented at this year's conference, held Sept. 17-18. 

You may also submit award nominations by email to opha@opha.net, with the subject line: 2023 OPHA Award Nomination(s).

OPHA general award categories:

Exceptional Merit Award
Exceptional understanding of community health
Contribution of demonstrable impact on public health
A credit to public health profession
A member of OPHA (Please confirm membership with OPHA office in advance)

Volunteer Service Award
Understanding of public health service
Contributed to implementation or expansion of new or existing services
Does not receive income from any field of health care
Does not have to be a member of OPHA

Public Health Program Award
Provides additional service
Improves existing services
Has a demonstrable impact on public health
Does not have to be a member of OPHA

Contribution to the Field of Public Health Award
Career in public health
Major impact on public health
Long-term significant contribution to the field
Does not have to be a member of OPH

Special Business Award of Excellence of Public Health
Made a significant achievement in public health activities and issues
Demonstrated quality and initiative in public health
Demonstrated leadership and skill in advancing public health
Does not have to be a member of OPHA

Award of Excellence for each of OPHA’s Sections and Caucuses
Made a significant impact or achievement in the particular section or caucus
Demonstrated leadership and skill in the particular section or caucus

Each Section or Caucus has their own award criteria. View the awards criteria here.
Administrative Services
Behavioral Health
Community Health Workers
Emergency Preparedness & Response
Environmental Health
Epidemiology & Laboratory
Gerontological Health
Health Administration & Planning
Maternal & Child Health

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* 4. Is this nomination for a general OPHA award, or for a Section/Caucus award?

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* 5. If this nomination is for a Section or Caucus Award, please specify which Section or Caucus.

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* 6. Name of award you would like the nominee to be considered for:

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* 7. Please include a brief narrative (750 words or less) to describe the reason why the nominee is deserving of this award (please describe using above award criteria):

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* 8. Name of nominator: 

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