Application Information

Any college student majoring in the biological or chemical sciences is eligible to apply. Applicants should be in their freshman, sophomore, or junior year at the time of application and should be interested in exploring careers in research and graduate school opportunities. Students who attend institutions that do not have substantial research opportunities and/or students who are underrepresented in the biological sciences (including underrepresented minorities, first-generation college students, individuals from lower income backgrounds, and Veterans or members of the Armed Services) are encouraged to apply. 

In addition to your completed application, please send a copy of your official transcripts (one from each college you have attended) and two letters of recommendation. Only sealed or electronic transcripts will be accepted. You must arrange for transcripts from all institutions where you have taken college level courses. If letters of recommendation are sent via email, they must be sent from the author's email. An application will not be considered complete until the application, letters of recommendation, and transcripts have all been received. Late applications will not be considered and all information is due by February 1st, 2018.

Please have the following prepared ahead of starting the electronic application:
  • Personal Information
  • School Information
  • Does your school grant doctorate degrees (PhD) in the sciences?
  • Responses to personal statements (you will be able to copy and paste your responses into the electronic application):
    • In your own words, please describe your interests and intentions  (1500 character max)
    • Please describe any prior research experience and programs you have participated in (describe the types of experiences, duration and location) (1000 character max)
    • Please explain why you wish to participate in this program (1000 character max)
    • Please describe your career goals (1000 character max)