Please use this form to share any stories and/or images that speak to the aspirations, resilience or challenges experienced by women, girls, trans, non-binary and Two Spirit residents.

Feel free to include direct quotes and write in the first-person (I, me, my community) to tell your story. Please complete only one form per person.

Do you have the rights to share your photo?

On this form, you have the option to upload a photo. It is important you have the rights to any photos that you share (e.g. that it is your property and, if the photo includes faces, you have explicit permission from those people to share the photo). Photos of Toronto streets, parks, places, as well as artistic or abstract photos are also encouraged!

Keep it anonymous!

Please do not include your, or anyone else’s, actual name, telephone number or full address in your responses. Your participation is voluntary. All input will be compiled and posted to Any personal identifying information, or information that may pose as a security or confidentiality concern will not be posted on the City's Open Data portal.

What story do you want to share?

Consider sharing a story or photo that speaks to gender equity in Toronto, including your experiences accessing a City service. You may choose to describe a positive or difficult experience – just be sure to express the lesson that you want decision-makers to take away from this.

Need more information?

Visit or email with your questions.

This form will remain open until February 23, 2022.

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