1. Introduction


We are excited to conduct the first nationwide survey designed to document the lives of loved ones of people in addiction and recovery from alcohol and other drugs. While much is known about the many costs of addiction and problematic drug use, we know very little about what happens to loved ones of those using or in recovery. The purpose of this study is to gather information about the experiences of loved ones.


Anyone who considers themselves a family member, friend, or loved one of a person who uses or is in recovery from substance addiction including alcohol, drugs and prescription medications; or behavioural addiction like gambling is encouraged to complete the survey. The term “loved one” in this survey, includes parents, siblings, children and other people close to you. If addiction has affected several loved ones, please consider the relationship that has affected you the most. Additionally, if you know other people who may be interested in sharing their experiences for this important project, please send them the survey link and encourage them to participate. Thanks for your help!

Please feel free to provide comments at the end if you want to share stories.


Participation in this survey is voluntary and anonymous. Please answer as many questions as you feel comfortable completing. You may exit the survey at any time, or you can opt to jump to the end to allow you to fill in the free-form section. While this survey quantifies the effects of recovery on family and friends, we are also gathering anecdotal information. There is a free-form section at the end of the survey reserved for you to tell your story and share your experiences as this may ultimately offer hope to others.


Email us at: ksoliman@southpacificprivate.com.au
5% of survey complete.