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The Sustainable Performance Institute (SPI) promotes excellence in professional practice and offers a company Certification program that evaluates the capability of design and construction companies to deliver consistent, high-quality sustainability services. Used by building owners to evaluate team capability, SPI Certification demonstrates to clients and to the industry that sustainability is institutionalized into all aspects of a company’s management, systems, operations and project delivery.

Instructions: We invite you to comment on the Certification criteria through this online survey. After the 45-day comment period closes, SPI will synthesize the input and incorporate common feedback into the next version to be released in Fall 2013. Comments are accepted through this survey only and will be accepted through 12 midnight PST on October 11.

The criteria are organized into six categories:
1) Leadership, Strategy & Policy,
2) Project Delivery,
3) Infrastructure & Support Systems,
4) Partnering & Collaboration,
5) Outcomes & Metrics, and
6) Innovation.
You can provide both specific comments on each criterion and general comments about each category. At the end of the 6 sections, we also solicit feedback on the Internal & External Surveys that are part of the program. Finally, there is an opportunity to share additional, overall comments. We also welcome suggestions of resources, tools and reference standards to include in the SPI Reference Guide.

You may wish to download the SPI Evaluation Criteria prior to beginning the survey so that you can reference the entire document as you provide comments. You can download that file, along with the previous version and accompanying Application Guide, on our website: http://www.sustainable-performance.org/criteria/

Please note that you cannot save drafts while taking the survey. If you are unable to input all of your comments in one sitting, simply begin a new survey to submit additional comments.

Additional Notes:
1) All criteria listed are required, except for the criteria specifically labeled as "Optional." Owners rely on this credential as a validation of company capability, so the criteria address all aspects of company performance. Criteria cited as "Optional" indicate best practices but don't necessarily compromise a company's capabilities if the criteria are not met.

2) The Evaluation Criteria you are reviewing and commenting on will be complemented by a more detailed Reference Guide. The Reference Guide for v3.0 is not yet ready to preview, but it will provide examples and samples to clarify the intent of the Criteria and the types of evidence that typically demonstrate compliance in an audit. You may refer to the existing Application Guide to see the detailed criteria from the previous version (http://bit.ly/17mPDHb)

3) The SPI Evaluation Criteria in this current version are intended for larger companies (20 staff minimum) with most companies having staff well over that number. Therefore the criteria, as presented, may not be appropriate for sole practitioners or very small companies.

4) Although this program is primarily focused on design and construction companies, others - such as developers, design/build renewable energy installers, etc. - are becoming Certified as well. We have made the Project Delivery section as broad as possible to account for this. Certification audits will take into account the applicability of each criterion to a specific participant.

We appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in engaging with us. Thank you!

The Sustainable Performance Institute Team

For more information, visit www.sustainable-performance.org/certification or contact Tova Greenberg at tova@sustainable-performance.org.