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SPiN workshop brings together young researchers from across the country to learn from expert faculty about basic science and clinical stroke research. The theme of this year's workshop will be stroke clinical trials & rehabilitation technologies in research studies. This multi-day workshop is targeted for trainees (primarily, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows) and will be an excellent opportunity to network with other trainees and faculty in the field from within and outside of Canada.

Workshop Dates: October 16-17, 2023
Location: Toronto (Monday at Toronto Rehab, Tuesday at Sunnybrook)

Tentative SPiN Workshop Topics (preliminary program agenda).
• Overview of stroke clinical trials & CanStroke clinical trials
• Clinical Trials Operations - Recruitment, Language, Consent, & Training Challenges
• Rehabilitation Technologies in Recovery Studies
• Tour of KITE Research Labs
• Hear from Stroke Survivors
• How to Meaningfully Involve a Person with Lived Experience with Stroke in Trial Design
• Discovery of brain imaging biomarkers
• Artificial Intelligence tools in intracerebral hemorrhage
• Brain Stimulation Technologies
• Transformative approaches to combat brain disease such as novel gene therapies and focused ultrasound

Workshop Objectives:

• Listen to lectures about the latest approaches in stroke recovery research, from a basic science and clinical research perspective
• Learn about the latest techniques and technologies relevant for stroke recovery clinical trials via interactive workshops 
• Learn about the latest stroke rehabilitation therapies used with patients in stroke clinical trials
• Network with your peers and get to know other research labs
• Interact closely with internationally-recognized scientists

We will also have networking activities, opportunities to present your research, and peer-mentorships opportunities.

Eligibility: Priority will be given to trainees attending a Canadian institution working in the area of stroke and vascular cognitive impairment clinical trials.

Registration Costs: None

Registration Deadline: Initial deadline will be Aug 8. Will review needs and prioritize based on research fit (stroke/VCI clinical trials) and amount needed. After Aug 8, registrations will be reviewed as they come in, until funding/capacity limits are reached - so apply early!

All trainees are welcome to apply; however, we will only be able to accommodate a limited number of spots, so apply early!

Funding Availability: Limited funding from CanStroke/StrokeCog Platforms will be available to cover costs for economy travel and shared accommodations for those training at a Canadian institution (higher priority) in the areas of stroke and/or vascular cognitive impairment clinical trials. Attendees will be responsible for covering their costs, but we will let registrants know as early as possible how much funding will be available to them.

PLEASE NOTE - completing this application form does not guarantee you a spot for the SPiN workshop. While we are making every attempt to include as many attendees as possible, unfortunately we have limited capacity and funding. Following the deadline, all applications will be reviewed, and we will send confirmations shortly thereafter to let you know if you have been accepted and how much funding may be available to you. Although preference may be given to first time applicants if needed, trainees who have attended in the past are welcome to apply.

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- describe your area of research, including, if relevant, any involvement in stroke & VCI clinical trials, and include what you hope to gain from attending SPiN Workshop; and how this experience will enhance your future work in stroke research.

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* 9. Are you attending the World Stroke Congress the previous week (Oct 10-12, 2023)?

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* 10. Do you already have funding available to you to attend the World Stroke Congress?  If this applies to you, please explain in the sections below what funding you already have to cover your travel and accommodations costs.

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CanStroke/StrokeCog will be providing some funding to help cover costs for travel & accommodations to eligible trainees working with a supervisor at a Canadian institution (higher priority). Eligibility will also be dependent on your area of research with higher priority to those working in stroke and/or vascular cognitive impairment clinical trials, but also open to trainees working in basic science labs or international trainees working in the area of stroke recovery.

To help ensure we can stretch our funding and allow as many trainees to attend as capacity and funding allows, please answer the following questions regarding funding needs to attend SPiN Workshop 2023.

Important: The expectation is that trainees will participate in ALL SPiN Workshop activities and will stay for the entire two days, especially for those receiving funding. Not complying with these rules may affect the amount of funding you will receive.

Note: All trainees will be responsible for paying for their own travel & accommodations but we will let you know as early as possible how much funding may be available to you (but funding will only be sent after the workshop, following receipt of copies of travel &/or accommodations receipts).


Will you be needing reimbursement to cover travel and/or accommodations to attend the 2023 SPiN Workshop?

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SPiN will be held Oct 16-17, 2023

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Shortly after applications are reviewed, applicants will be notified confirming whether or not they have been accepted and how much funding may be available for them to attend the 2023 SPiN Workshop.