In preparation for our strategic planning project and as a part of our on-going improvement effort, we are reviewing and updating our long-range goals. 

Please take the following survey so that your responses can be considered as we move forward with the completion of a five-year strategic plan.  Your responses are anonymous, the survey should take about 15 minutes or less to complete, and the results will be included in our final strategic plan documents. 

We value your input so much that we are asking for our employees to share their thoughts by completing the survey. Thank you in advance for your participation! 

* 1. What is your position with the school system?

* 2. What is your primary work site? 

* 3. How satisfied are you as a school system employee?

* 4. Please indicate the degree to which you agree with the following statements: Equity and fairness for employees are characteristic of this school system.

* 5. Administrators and supervisors demonstrate strong and effective leadership at my school. 

* 6. As an employee, I am included in decision making and problem solving.

* 7. The school system operates in a cost-effective way.

* 8. I receive clear, timely communication and have adequate information to do my job. 

* 9. My contributions and accomplishments as an employee are recognized and valued.

* 10. My school/work site is a safe environment for students and employees.

* 11. Our students are well prepared academically for success after graduation.

* 12. Our students are well prepared technologically for success after graduation. 

* 13. There are effective programs in our schools to assist struggling students. 

* 14. There are effective programs in our schools to challenge and support advanced, high achieving students.

* 15. Our buildings and grounds are clean, orderly and well maintained. 

* 16. Expectations and performance standards are clearly communicated and consistently upheld for students and employees.

* 17. Resources are equitably and fairly distributed in the school system. 

* 18. Employees have sufficient opportunities to participate in effective professional development and/or employee training. 

* 19. At my school/work site there is a high degree of cooperation and involvement with parents, community members, business/industry and other agencies.

* 20. As an employee, I have sufficient resources, equipment and/or materials to do my job.