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This questionnaire is aimed at teachers in primary and secondary education (students aged 3 to 21). It aims to collect information on the challenges and problems that teachers encounter when teaching immigrant students. It also intends to gather data on teachers’ needs for successfully integrating immigrant students into classroom activities.

Sharing your experience and opinions is crucial to identifying common problems and recurring needs and suggesting suitable solutions. For this reason, please answer this short questionnaire and provide feedback based on your experience in teaching classes with immigrant students.

When answering this survey, please note that immigrant students are defined as: foreign-born children of two foreign-born parents (i.e., first-generation immigrant students) or native-born children of two foreign-born parents (i.e., second-generation immigrant students), while native students are students who are native-born from two native-born parents. [OECD (2018), p. 18]

Participating in this survey should require no more than 20 minutes.
This survey is anonymous and does not include identifiable questions. The Anonymous Responses setting has been turned on, and therefore personal information such as email and IP address are excluded from respondents’ results, which means that no identifiable respondent information will be collected or stored by European Schoolnet.
This survey is conducted through Survey Monkey, which is processing this survey and may therefore record respondents’ IP addresses in accordance with its own terms and conditions which can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/legal/privacy/
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