SOC 190 Seminar Enrollment


All students interested in taking a Sociology 190 seminar must apply by completing this form by or before DECEMBER 2, 2022.  This request form should take you about 5 minutes to fill out.

Please review all the course descriptions on for each SOC 190 Seminar BEFORE submitting this form.

1. Students admitted to a SOC 190 Seminar course will be granted permission to add their assigned seminar during Phase II AFTER THE DEADLINE. Students will not be able to directly add or wait-list any seminar courses during Phase I.  Instead, students are asked to fill out this form before DECEMBER 2, 2022 to notify us of your seminar preferences.  During the break, you will be notified of your seminar assignment and granted permission to add the seminar via Cal Central.  

2. If after completing this survey you change your mind about your seminar preference, you can go back on-line to complete a NEW survey. Be sure to fill it out in its entirety and include your new preferences. When we have multiple requests, we will use the most recent survey to place students in a SOC 190 seminar unless there are no seminar preferences listed.   Students who do not list any preferences may not receive a placement offer.

3. For more information about Sociology 190 Seminar enrollment please visit our web-site:

Thank you!
Sociology Undergraduate Advisors