Algebra & Geometry Website Contest 2014

More finalists will be added in time.

# iPad Mini will be given as awards in website categories
Formula for website final points to win the award = A x B + C + 2 x D

A = Number of votes for the website
B = Average Rating for the website
C = Number of views for the YouTube/WeVideo movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website
D = Number of likes for the YouTube/WeVideo movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website (dislikes will not be taken into consideration)

A should be less than or equal to 3 times C , if not A=3C.

Question Title

* Choose your favorite website or rate them.You may rate all , some or any of the weblinks.

  My Favorite ! One of the bests! (5 points) Fantastic ! (4 points) Good Job ! (3 points)
A Geometric Town - Jose Garcia
Missing Piece 2014 - Aurelio Hernandez
Constructing Puzzle - Oscar Gomez
Powers of Ten - Brian Bui
Golden Ratio - Ahmet Coskuner
Geometrical Town - Talha Gudda
Angry Birds - Ayushma Bajracharya
Function Song - Aamil Hussain
The Largest Cup of Coffee - Kanti Sharma
Puzzle - Ertugrul Oksuz
Puzzle - Nihal Celik
Traveling Agent - Vincent Lai
Real World Jobs - Layla Hale
Clinometer - Tejaswi Udipi
Function Song - Gabriel Siazon
Housing and Functions - Jedy Panjaitan
Angry Birds - Sharon Park
World's largest Coffee Cup - Vikramjeet Brar
Lose Fat - Brandon Lopez
Music is in Math - Rebecca Rosas
Planning My Wedding - Mackenzie Brooks
Math Cartoons - Elisa Nieto Martinez
Puzzle - Brenda Alvarez
Alphabet Slope - Ruth Langat
Catapult - Ameen Ameen
Make a Board Game - Yasmeen Suleman
Truth About Advertising - Sneha Varghese
A Song about Math - Stephen Roberts
Cell Phone Plans - Jesus Lopez
Proof of Pythagorean Theorem - Joseph Tibiru
Sequences In Real-Life - Huba Iqbal
Math Symbols - Salma Nawar
One Shape to Fit All - Jesus Monroy
Road Trip - Kenneth Nguyen
Swimming Pool - Imam Widoodo
A Stitch In Time - Sadaf Naimzada
Beehive - Corban Rawls
Fibonacci Sequence - Sydnee Williams
Computer Vision - Logan Zartman
Binary Counter - Yaseem Rana
Buy Your Own House - Sendra Camarillo
Kaleidoscope - Rebecca Finney
Secret of Tallness - Ty Curry
Same Space Different Options - Adan Hernandez
Tower of Hanoi - Samir Paila
Unit Dog - Elizabeth Chaides
Image Creation Using Equations - Michael Wyrick
Roller Coaster - Alejandro Rodriguez
Equations, Graphs, and Cryptarithms - Alin Salinas
History of Algebra - Ariana Robinson
Remodeling Your House - Asad Ebrahim
Cube Character - Ashley Galicia
Purchase Your Dream Life - Brittany Dunn
Weight Loss Program - Diego Muniz
Function Machine - Edward Puente
Traveling Agent - Emily Wood
Buy Your Own House - Coleen Chau
Creating Cartoons - Katherine Nguyen
Sierpinski Pyramid - Omar Obeid
String Designs - Muhammed Khan
My Company - Sara Taleb
Infinite Chocolate Bar - Jasmin Adams
History of Geometry - Jared Chacon
Real World Jobs - Maram Albar
Remodeling Your House - Jimmy Nguyen
Design Your Own Light - Sidra Aslam
History of Geometry - Ilyasah Muhammad
My Catapult - Stephanie Paz
Making a spider web - Ghaffar Balogun
Kaleidoscopes - Deluxan Sureshkumar