Chemistry & Biology Website Contest 2014

More finalists will be added in time.

# iPad Mini will be given as awards in website categories
Formula for website final points to win the award = A x B + C + 2 x D

A = Number of votes for the website
B = Average Rating for the website
C = Number of views for the YouTube/WeVideo movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website
D = Number of likes for the YouTube/WeVideo movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website (dislikes will not be taken into consideration)

A should be less than or equal to 3 times C , if not A=3C.

Question Title

* Choose your favorite website or rate them.You may rate all , some or any of the weblinks.

  My Favorite ! One of the bests! (5 points) Fantastic ! (4 points) Good Job ! (3 points)
Diffusion - Hosam Yacoub
Mitosis - Hammed Abdulwahab
Homeostasis - Qudrat Abdulwahab
Disappearing rainbow - Ariela Ayala
Flamless Ration Heater - Alyssa Castillo
Photosynthesis - Zoe Reed
Bouncy polymer - Mai Koheel
Reversible Tin Man - Christian Rosa
DNA Extraction - Sydney Hamler
DNA Extraction - LaTaia
Heart Dissection - Eboni Russell
Balloon Race - mihail bebrovski
Viruses - Julian Aguilar
Oil Spill Cleanup - Lourdes Castillo
Skin Cancer - Sueda Cetinkaya
Enzymes - Aaron Jones
Oil Spill - Vy Tran
Dry Ice Bubbles - Hazel mohamedali
The Heart Help - Hadis Moghtader"
Viruses - Jose Almanza Pruneda
DNA Extraction - Aslinur Ozen
Thermoelectric car - Ahmet Selimoglu
Animal & Plant Cells - Maya Hajjar
Biotechnology - Alan Reyes
Dry Ice Bubbles - Simrah Sohail
DNA Model - Nimra Hassan
Pill Bug Behavior - Antony Minh Hoang
Starch Reserve - Ybi Huacuja
Genetics - Fatma Khan
pH Rainbow - Hau Tran
Are Sharpies Really Permanent? - Ava Quartucci
Tonic Water Fluorescence - Neil Tyler
Structure of DNA - Victor Bermudez
Magic Carnetion - Alana Spearman
Lung - Ndiya Emeaba
pH Rainbow Reaction - Maya Perez
Disappearing Rainbow - Otilla Garza
Blood Typing - Ilyasah Muhammad
Flameless Heat Ration - Jaelen Hawthorne
The Purpose of Solubility - Anastasia Weger
Indicator Sponge - Hannah Morgan
Single-Replacement Reactions - Samiyah Al-Amin
Blue Bottle Reaction - Brandi Gomez
Lung Model - Esat Bayar
Proteins Synthesis - Anna Truong
Al Displaces Cu - Victoria Jameson
Dry Ice Bubble - Mohamed Ali
Diffusion - Halle figures
Diffusion - Feba Varughese
Hand Warmers - Shaelen Ballard
Mitosis - jerosh jacob
Fluorescence Of Tonic Water - Yeman Shalabi
Tin Sponge - Ezekiel Garcia
Gas Solubility - Rabab Virani
Mitosis - Divina Ceniceros
Genetics of Blood Typing - Rahilu Abdulatif
Biotechnology and Electrophoresis - Maryam Alhakim
Biomolecules and Food - Marisol Kusick
DNA Extraction - Angela Do
Biotechnology - Traci Badu
Biomolecules and Food - Rubiya Koshy
DNA - Mahasen Dibeh
Blood typing - Abdullah Noor
Viruses - Muzna Noman
Chromatography - Fariya Fatima
A Cup of Chemistry - Julia Hess
Cold Pack - Amani Said
Old Foamy - Barok Tollossa
Old Foamy - Cristian Alaniz
Separation of Solutions - Giselle Barbosa
Oil Spill Cleanup - Tracy Do
Blue Bottle Reaction - Anaisa Lopez
Gas Solubility - Claudia Mendoza
pH Rainbow - Emily Pham
Disease Detectives - Allen Ha
Polyurethane Foam - Jazzib Akhtar
Rubber Egg Experiment - Samuella Koxyn
Paper Chromatography - Chris Silverio
Flourecent dyes - Kenny Gonzalez
Dry Ice Bubbles - Fatih Arief
Chromatography - Raquel Trujillo Reyes
Upset stomach - Maheen Wadia
Old Foamy - Kajal Shah
Indicator Sponge - Steven Vargas
Dry Ice Bubbles - Cynthia Tolentino
Chemical Reactions - William Smarr
Dissolving Pennies - Maria Cardona
Dry Ice Bubbles - Ada Abaragu
Separation of a Solution - Cassie Carnine
Color Changing Reaction - Lojen Sureshkumar
Sodium Acetate Reaction - Fatma Rashid
Potions and Lotions - Harshini Muthukumar
Potions and Lotions - Nadine Omeis
Photo Developing Culinary style - Acacia Coronado
Cupcake Uprising - Mckenzie Powell
Oil Spill Clean Up - Hasan Yacoub
Orange Juice Vs. Sports Drink - Selmir Avidc
Cold Reaction - Jessica Little
Oil Spill Cleanup - Chelsia Jenkins
Flameless Ration Heaters - Stewart Fritts
Old foamey - Leyma Limon
Heat of Solution - Angelica Estrada
Flourescence of Tonic Water - Miranda Gomez
Stop and Go Reaction - Lexiah Jacob
Cooking Eggs with CaO - Alexis Gonzalez
Old Foamey - Benjamin Thomas
Balloon Race - Amy Ayala
Water Purification - Anisah Ali