Award Descriptions

SOBA is currently accepting nominations for the following awards:

The William H. Ivers Award is presented to an individual who has contributed significantly over at least 15 years to the design, construction, management or administration of boat access facilities or programs. The nominee’s contributions will exemplify high standards of professionalism and outstanding achievement.

The Outstanding Service Award is presented to an individual or to an agency that have made either a one-time or continuing contribution to improved access on our nation’s public waters for boaters and anglers.

The Professional Service Award is presented to an individual SOBA member or to a group of SOBA members (most often a designated Task Force or Committee) for service on a special project or for ongoing efforts on behalf of SOBA’s mission.

The Special Recognition Award is presented to an individual, group, organization or political subdivision in recognition of activities that are singularly illustrative or supportive of SOBA’s mission.

The State Boating Program Excellence Awards are presented to a state agency that has primary responsibility for boat facility development, CVA or BIG and which has excelled over time and provided outstanding service to its residents and visitors to the state. Multiple awards in this category will be presented.

The Outstanding Project Awards are presented to agencies, groups, local government, or corporations involved in boating access projects that are judged to be useful, high quality, unique, economical and/or innovative. Regardless of funding types, multiple awards will be presented for boating access, CVA, BIG projects of all sizes.

The President’s Award is presented to an agency, group, local government, or corporation for recreational boating facility projects or activities that are judged to be innovative, useful, of high quality, unique, and economical. (Note: AIS activities are eligible.)