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The numbers in parentheses refer to pages in the consultation paper where the tentative recommendation is discussed.

* 4. Proposal (1) The Strata Property Act should require the appointment of a proxy to be made using a standard form with the following features: (a) a warning that the strata corporation has no obligation to ensure that the proxy votes in accordance with any instructions set out in this proxy appointment; (b) a space to record either the grantor’s strata-lot number or unit number and street address; (c) check boxes to indicate whether the proxy appointment is a general appointment or an appointment for a specific meeting; (d) a space to record the date on which the proxy appointment is signed; (e) a signature block; (f) a space to record any voting instructions, labelled “optional.”

* 5. Proposal (2) The Strata Property Act should require that each strata-council member must be elected by a majority of the ballots cast.

* 6. Proposal (3) The Strata Property Act should provide for a special limitation period for claims of money, capable of being subject to a lien under section 116, owing from a strata-lot owner to a strata corporation, of four years.