* 1. The school district budget is allocated to four functional areas.  Please rank your priorities for spending in each school district function

* 2. 78% of the district budget is spent directly on instruction.  How important are district services in the following instructional areas?

  Not Important Moderately Important Very Important
Regular Instruction (45%)
Career Programs (0%)
Library Services (2%)
Counselling (2%)
Special Education (16%)
English Language Learning (1%)
Aboriginal Education (6%)
School Administration (6%)

* 3. 87% of the district budget is spent on salary and benefits, and the remaining 13% is spent on services and supplies.  Please indicate whether you think district spending in the following categories of services and supplies should increase, stay the same, or decrease.

  Increase Spending Stay the Same Decrease Spending
Services - 3.3%
Student Transportation - 0.9%
Professional Development & Travel - 1.8%
Rentals & Leases - 0.8%
Dues & Fees - 0.2%
Insurance - 0.2%
Supplies - 3.8%
Utilities - 2.1%

* 4. The district is expecting to decrease spending next year.  The trustees will be considering changes to balance the budget for 2017/18.  What specific suggestions do you have to reduce spending in the district?  Please put one suggestion in each box.

* 5. The district is considering a new vision statement:

"The School District 52 Experience: Inclusive. Engaging. Real."

What resources do you think are required to enable the district to achieve this vision? Please describe one resource in each box.

* 6. Are you a (please check all boxes that apply to you):