Foundational Statements

Ringette Canada is committed to achieving important milestones and seizing new opportunities in an ever-changing environment.  Ringette Canada is entering the next four years with a solid foundation built on an extensive planning process that took place in 2013 that led to the development of its current strategic plan. 

Ringette Canada felt that the timing was right, at the mid-way juncture of its 2022 goals, to pause, reflect and renew its strategic plan for the next four years.

You can help us do this by completing the survey below and providing us with your input.  This survey is open to all ringette stakeholders and enthusiasts who are interested in helping Ringette Canada renew its strategic plan.  Please think deeply about the questions and let us know what you think, feel, and hope for Ringette Canada.  We encourage you to review Ringette Canada's current strategic plan at  as it will assist you in completing the survey.

Once you have completed the survey, simply press "done", and your survey response will be forwarded confidentially to a database. All data will be collected, sorted and analyzed and the summary report will inform the renewal of Ringette Canada’s Strategic Plan.

SURVEY DEADLINE: June 26, 2018 AT 18h00 (EDT).

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the Ringette Canada Executive Director, Natasha Johnston at 613.748.5655 ext. 222 or by email at

* 1. Ringette Canada’s current Mission Statement (which describes its core purpose) is: Ringette Canada is the national sport organization that governs, promotes, and leads the development of ringette. Do you feel this mission statement is still relevant?

* 2. Ringette Canada’s current Vision (which describes its core purpose) is:  To be the world leader in growing ringette.  Do you feel this vision statement is still relevant?

* 3. Ringette Canada believes in and leads with the following five corporate values.

Innovation: We invest wisely. We take chances and manage risks. We are stewards of the game.

Collaboration: We are in this together. We include diverse perspective to enrich our experience. We purposefully create a safe and welcoming work environment.

Accountability: When we live our values, we manage and lead with integrity. We operate with transparency and communicate proactively. We take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes.

Respect: For the game. For the rules. For our heritage. For each other.

Excellence: We demand quality. We offer world-leading programs and services. We bring our best to each situation.

Do you feel these values and their statements are still relevant?

The following six goals are outlined in the current strategic plan as a roadmap for the organization of our work.  During the development of these, Ringette Canada used the goals of the Canadian Sport Policy as a framework to organize its strategic plan.  We would like to receive your feedback on these goals:

* 4. Introduction to Ringette: Participants have the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes to participate in ringette as players, coaches, officials, and volunteers. 

Do you feel this goal is still relevant?

* 5. Recreational Ringette: Participants have the opportunity to play ringette for fun, health, social interaction and relaxation. 

Do you feel this goal is still relevant?

* 6. Competitive Ringette: Participants have the opportunity to systematically improve and measure their performance against others in competition in a safe, social, fair and ethical manner. 

Do you feel this goal is still relevant?

* 7. High Performance Ringette: Canada is leading the way in developing a seamless and ethically based high performance pathway for participants domestically and internationally. 

Do you feel this goal is still relevant?

* 8. Sport for Development: Ringette is used as a tool for social and economic development, and the promotion of True Sport principles at home and abroad. 

Do you feel this goal is still relevant?

* 9. Operational Capacity: Ringette Canada has a sustainable business model that strengthens the ringette community and increases the capacity at all levels of the sport. 

Do you feel this goal is still relevant?

* 10. You are almost finished!  Are there any additional comments you would like to provide Ringette Canada with at this time?