Cardinal Wuerl's pastoral letter, Being Catholic Today: Catholic Identity in an Age of Challenge, highlights the mission of the Church, to evangelize, teach, worship and serve, and the important role of employees and lay ministries in participating in the work of the church. Whether or not they are Catholic, "Those who agree to assist the Church in her mission and ministries represent the public face of the Church." (Being Catholic Today: Catholic Identity in an Age of Challenge, p. 14). Therefore, the Archdiocese of Washington is requiring that all employees and lay ministers (members of St. Mary's Ministries) be commissioned and participate in a short one hour Catholic Identity presentation.  If you are a St. Mary's employee and a member of a St. Mary's Ministry and have already been commissioned, you do not need to attend one of these sessions.

Our Pastor Fr. Thomas LaHood will offer two options in October 2017 for you to complete this requirement. Please complete this survey so we can facilitate this process. You will receive a reminder as we approach
October. Thank you. Questions: Contact Regina Piazza at or (301) 627-3255.

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Location and Time: St. Mary of the Assumption Church from 10 a.m.-11 a.m.
NOTE: If you check "Neither Saturday," you will be contacted with an alternate date in the future.

Thank you for signing up for the Catholic Identity Presentation and Commissioning. We will email a reminder to you. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS. A flyer regarding this event will be posted to our website home page under News/Current Events. 
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