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* 1. In the coming months, Pawnee Indian Health Center will begin offering the COVID-19 vaccine. Initially, we will focus on vaccinating at-risk patients ages 16 and up. Those at risk include individuals older than 65 years or having a medical condition including diabetes or ischemic heart disease or end stage renal disease or rheumatology. 

The following populations are also encouraged to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine:

- Healthcare professionals

- Tribal essential workers including law enforcement, tribal council, fire, transportation food, teachers, others per tribal leadership

- Families of healthcare professionals and essential workers

If you meet any of these conditions, are you interested in receiving the vaccine?  (select one)

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* 2. If yes, please contact 918-762-6728 or 918-762-6752 to be added to our contact list. When the COVID-19 vaccine is available, we will contact you to schedule your vaccine appointment. Do you understand?

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* 3. If you are undecided about receiving the vaccine, what information do you need to make a decision? (open text)

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