2018 PEC Awards Form

Guidelines for Award Nominations

Presbyterians for Earth Care is seeking nominations of individuals and groups/institutions for their forward thinking and leadership in caring for God's creation. PEC presents three awards each year, two for an individual and the other to an organization. Individuals are eligible for the William Gibson Eco-Justice Award or the Emerging Earth Care Leader Award (for 18-30 year olds). Congregations, governing bodies, ecumenical agencies, and Presbyterian-related entities may be nominated for the Restoring Creation Award. These awards are given to both individuals and groups whose work for the environment is particularly praise-worthy and creative.

If you are a member of Presbyterians for Earth Care, you are welcome to nominate an awardee. Awards will be presented at PEC's Luncheon and Annual Awards on June 19 at General Assembly in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Please submit your nomination by March 31.

* 1. For which of the following awards are you making a nomination?

* 2. Name and contact information of person making the nomination:

* 3. Information regarding the nominee:

* 4. If this nomination is for an individual award, please name and describe the church, group(s) or organization(s) the nominee serves.

* 5. If this nomination is for the Restoring Creation Award, please name and describe the church, group or organization.

* 6. In 300 words or more, describe the accomplishments such as awards, activities, projects, events, recognitions, leadership, and publications, that make this person, group or organization worthy of the award for which they are being nominated.

Materials which support the application such as articles, programs, and/or letters of support may also be emailed to pec@presbyearthcare.org.

* 7. Please provide contact information (name, e-mail address and phone) for a reference who has agreed to discuss this nominee with a member of the PEC Awards Committee.