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Transportation Safety on School Buses

The Regional Family Support Planning Councils were created by the Family Support Act of 1993 as the premier advocacy group for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). There are ten local councils across the state. This month, Council #4 (Essex) conducted its monthly meeting to discuss current issues affecting our families with a loved one with IDD. The first topic was the tragic incident in Somerset County on a school bus resulting in the death of a beautiful six-year-old little girl with IDD. This sparked an animated discussion of family members' experiences with their now adult children as they were transported to school. One of the members is a retired special education administrator who recounted the challenges she faced daily to ensure the safety of her students. The conversation led us to want to create an advocacy effort on improving the safety of individuals with disabilities on transportation, especially on school buses. 

Through this very brief survey, we are interested in collecting family testimonies on their experience with transportation safety on school buses for their loved ones. Although we are are focusing on school buses, we are looking to gather experiences past and present.

Thank you for taking the time to help inform our advocacy efforts and improve the safety of individuals with I/DD!