Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center -- Feasibility Survey

We are developing a new course called Translation and Interpretation, geared towards honoring our bilingual students while filling a need for Professional Interpreters in our community. We want to know what YOU think!!  Help us shape this future program at Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center!!

* 1. Are you fluent in English AND another language?

* 2. Do you help interpret or translate for friends or family?

* 3. Would you be interested in taking a class to learn how to become a professional translator/interpreter?

* 4. Would it be worth your time to earn an Interpreter Certificate?

* 5. Please respond to each statement below.

totally agree!
Agree Disagree Absolutely not,
no way!
Doesn't apply
to my situation.
Schools honor and value being bilingual.
Being a professional Interpreter is a career I might enjoy.
I like to help interpret and translate for people.
My family wants me to go to college.
Earning a professional Interpreter Certificate would make me proud.
Earning a professional Interpreter Certificate would make my family proud.

* 6. Is there anything else you want us to think about as we plan this new program
for Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center?

* 7. What grade are you in?