Please help the Town of Simsbury plan the future of its parks and open spaces. This public survey will help the Town identify priorities and outline strategies for parks, recreation and open space assets. It is the goal of this Master Plan to steward our resources in a sustainable, environmentally responsible and fiscally prudent manner for the long term, best serve the entire town, and resolve issues before they get worse or become too costly to repair.

The goal of this survey is to collect public input and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of Simsbury’s Parks and Open Spaces. With this information we will be able to develop a strategic plan to ensure a healthy and diverse parks and open space network with amenities that serve the needs and promote the health of the entire community and the environment. This survey is open to all visitors of Simsbury’s Parks and Open Spaces. Results of this survey will be presented at a future public meeting.

This study includes all Town owned/operated Parks and Open Spaces, except for the Simsbury Farms Golf Course. All other Parks and Open Spaces within the Town which are owned/operated by other entities (ie. Stratton Brook State Park, Talcott Mountain State Park, etc.) are not included within this study.

Over 30% of Simsbury’s total land area is undeveloped, and highly valued by the Town’s citizens and visitors. Protected lands include recreation areas; farmland; different types of parks; trails, corridors and connections; historical features; a wide variety of different habitats, including the Farmington River, ponds, wetlands, grasslands, thickets, shrub lands and forests. This large amount and diversity of open space protects our water and supports biodiversity, recreation and our cultural history.

While we appreciate your feedback, please note that you are not required to answer every question. Thank you for participating!

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