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* 1. Priorities/Needs

What are important issues that the Comprehensive Plan needs to address?  Please rank in the order of importance, 1 being the least important and 5 being the most important.

  1 2 3 4 5
Preservation of rural character
More parks and connectivity to existing parks 
Recreational opportunities along the river
Development of Bessie's Creek area
Preservation of historic buildings and assets
More public places, events, and festivals
Enhancing City entry ways
High quality commercial
Smaller boutique stores
Big box stores and strip centers
Attracting new businesses and employment
More places to shop
Diverse housing options, including multifamily and town homes
Single family residential development with amenities
Enhancing public safety
Keeping the city and properties clean
Lighting ordinances to preserve the night sky
Better walking/biking opportunities, and sidewalks
Traffic and roadway safety
Truck traffic on City streets

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* 2. Strengths

What do you like most of Simonton? What are you proud of?  What made you choose Simonton?

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* 3. Concerns

What do you not like about Simonton?  What are some of the issues that you worry about?

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* 4. Vision

If you came back to Simonton in 10 years, what would you like to see? Please share the top words or phrases you would use to describe what you want the city to be by 2040.

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* 5. Aspirational Cities

What are some cities that you would like Simonton to be like in the future?

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* 6. Other Thoughts

Please add any other areas that you would like to be addressed or any other thoughts you may have.