Respondent Qualification

SIG|ORG is researching topics related to Procurement’s Digital Transformation Ambition!

What this survey will collect:
This survey will collect insights on AI's role in procurement, focusing on its competitive importance and challenges. It will assess current AI adoption, data infrastructure readiness, concerns, management approaches, and expectations. Additionally, the survey will explore integration ease, training, skill sets, and vendor collaboration. The goal is to understand AI's impact on procurement practices and strategies.

Who we hope will respond to this survey:
All practitioners and executives in buy-side roles.

What's in it for you?
A copy of the survey results in aggregate (if you give us your name).

How much time do we need?
It should take you about 10-minutes to complete this mostly multiple-choice survey.

How will SIG use your data?
We will collect your data, analyze it, and report in aggregate - all information will remain confidential, and no identifying information will be shared. We will not share your personal data or exact responses with anyone.

We intend to analyze and report on these survey results, distributing them to you and our Membership.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact Mary Zampino, SIG's VP of Research, at

Thank you so much for your time.

Question Title

* 1. Is the job function you currently perform at your company supporting buy side functionality, (procurement, sourcing, supply chain, logistics, materials management, supply management, and/or contract administration)?

12% of survey complete.