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This conference is part of the activities of the SHMILE-II EU project (2012-2014) aiming to promote the Eco-labels in hotels and accommodation services and introducing the European Eco-label, informing all stakeholders of the sector and bringing them together; public authorities, associations, hotel owners and professionals of the tourism sector.

ShMILE-2 Project is an EU-funded project that aims to promote the Eco-labels, and specifically the European Eco-label, for hotels in 6 Mediterranean countries namely, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, and Jordan. The project is a continuation of the 2004 LIFE-Environment program (ShMILE) that was experimenting with Eco-labeling in European Mediterranean resorts. The current (second) phase is the ShMILE-II, which aims to promote Eco-labels, and develop toolboxes tailored for the region, and ensure its international recognition promoting better performance and competitiveness in Egypt, Jordan and Tunis, and the European partners, France, Italy & Greece, who are all joining efforts to exchange experience and promote Eco-labeling and its benefits to all stakeholders.

An Eco-label for a hotel is a certification stating that the hotel meets a set of environmental performance criteria to enhance water and waste management, energy use, conservation of nature, training staff and informing guests, among other criteria that may distinguish a hotel and show its environmental responsibility. European Travel Agents are increasingly seeking Eco-labeled destinations and it is becoming a significant attraction for tourist choices, and it also promises savings in hotel operation costs while conserving the environment.

This conference is an experience-sharing meeting of stakeholders within Egypt and also from Jordan and Tunis. The state-of-the-art of environmental labeling of the tourism sector in each of these southern Mediterranean countries will be presented and discussed. A visit to a model Hotel is also planned for those interested.
Objective: sharing of experience between partners and stakeholders directed at adopting a common strategy and strengthening the institutional infrastructure necessary for the granting of Ecolabel certifications in southern Mediterranean countries.

Target participants: Authorities and public organizations (primarily) in the tourism sector in Egypt, Jordan, and Tunis, hotel associations, and interested stakeholders.

Date & Venue:
Monday 11th – Tuesday 12th, March, 2013 @ Biblioteca Alexandrina
Wednesday 13th @ Eco-labeled Hotel (Field visit)
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