Lots of things can come up when you try something new with business online. If you're like me, most of it is internal... a little voice that says something like, "You know this is a good idea, but..."

And the "buts" are many. But my friends think it's stupid... but my spouse tells me to stick with what I know... but my parents think it's a fad... These are the main ones when it comes to people in your life.

Other "buts", though, are usually how we justify not going ahead with an online business. These sound like... but I don't know how to build a webpage... but I don't know how to make graphics... but I'm not good with computers... and on and on and on.

Well, don't let any questions like these stop you. Just ask.

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* If you could sit down with me over coffee in a Starbucks (with laptops in hand) and ask me anything about starting or maintaining an online business with print-on-demand services, what would that question be?

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* Which print-on-demand services do you current use to sell your own stuff?

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* Give me your primary email address. If I am able to, I will respond to you directly. Or, if I make a new PDF report or video that has the answer to your question in it, I'll let you know. (This is optional, of course)