This request provides an opportunity to share and exchange information with other professionals working within the field of SEL/SS measurement about how practitioners have grounded SEL/SS measurement within the local contexts. Local voices engaging in the development process allows for greater generation of culturally, contextually, and developmentally appropriate SEL/SS measurement tools.  This process likely varies considerably across contexts and as a function of practical constraints (e.g., time, resources, etc.). To shed light on how this work is being done, we are looking to collect case studies of unique processes that will highlight the range of ongoing efforts to develop or adapt SEL/SS measures in the local context, and also bring to light challenges and gaps with localization processes. This exchange can help the field better understand ongoing approaches, challenges and possible strategies that can help us to move forward.
We thank you for taking a moment to share your experiences with the SEL/SS Measurement Taskforce. Please respond to the questions below. Should you have any questions, please reach out to  
USAID. Localization at USAID: The Vision and Approach. Washington, D.C.: United States Agency for International Development, 2022.