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100% of survey complete.

* 1. I am considered an equal partner with teachers and other professionals in planning my child's program?

* 2. All of my concerns and recommendations were documented on the IEP.

* 3. The school gives me choices with regard to services that address my child's needs.

* 4. The school explains what options parents have if they disagree with a decision of the school.

* 5. I was offered special assistance (e.g.  such as Language Interpreter, Assistive Technology for Disability) so that I could participate in the IEP meeting.

* 6. Where does your child attend school?

* 7. How old is your child at this time?

* 8. What grade is your child in?

* 9. Please provide details here (if needed) regarding your child's grade in school.

* 10. Is your child male or female?

* 11. How old was your child when he or she was first identified as a student with special education needs?

* 12. What is your child's ethnicity?

* 13. What is your child's race?

* 14. If you checked the 'Other' box in Question 13, please specify below.

* 15. What is your relationship to the child?

* 16. If you checked the 'Other' box in Question 15, please specify below.

* 17. Please use this space to share any additional information or comments.