COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES APPLY NOW: Application deadline for commercial buildings to apply to our new toilet and urinal replacement program is December 31st, 2016. Any applications for commercial buildings received after December 31st, 2016 will not be eligible for replacement.

Thank you for your interest in the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) upcoming free toilet and urinal replacement program. Replacing older, high water use toilets and urinals with high-efficiency models is one of the best ways to save water in your home or business. The program is available to all residential and non-residential properties in San Francisco with an active SFPUC water service account.

To participate, your property must have existing toilets that use 3.5 gallons per flush or more and/or urinals that use more than 1.0 gallon per flush. Fixtures eligible for the program are generally over 20 years old. Toilets rated 1.6 gallons per flush or less are not eligible for replacement. Visit for guidance on determining fixture age and flow rates.

The following steps outline the process for participation in the SFPUC’s free toilet and urinal replacement program:

Step 1. Complete the online application. The SFPUC will review all applications received and will notify applicants if they meet the eligibility criteria for participating in a pre-inspection.

Step 2. Participate in a mandatory pre-inspection. Applicants that the SFPUC has confirmed meet eligibility criteria will be contacted by the SFPUC or its plumbing contractor to schedule a mandatory onsite pre-inspection. Scheduling for pre-inspections is anticipated to start early January 2017. Applicants will be informed after the pre-inspection if their site is approved for fixture replacement.

Step 3. Respond to a request to schedule a fixture replacement date. The SFPUC’s plumbing contractor will contact all sites approved during pre-inspections to schedule a date for fixture replacement. Scheduling for fixture replacement is anticipated to start late January 2017.

Step 4. Respond to a request to schedule a post-inspection. SFPUC inspectors will conduct mandatory post-installation inspections of a random number of sites each month. Sites contacted by the SFPUC must respond or will be subject to repayment of the full cost of fixture replacement and labor.

Please answer the questions below to complete first step in the application process.

* 1. Applicant Information:

* 2. What type of property do you have?

* 3. What is your SFPUC water account number? (Note: if you are not the water account holder, you must ask the account holder to proceed with this application.)

* 4. What is the name of the SFPUC water account holder?

* 5. Is the SFPUC water account holder also the property owner? (If you aren't the owner, to participate in the program you will be required to submit a property owner release form at a later date)

* 6. What is your water service address?

* 7. What year was your building built?

* 8. How many bathrooms are in your building?

* 9. How many toilets are in your building?

* 10. What types of toilets are in your building?

* 11. Have any toilets been installed or replaced since 1994?

* 12. How many urinals are in your building?

* 13. Have any urinals been installed or replaced since 1994?

* 14. Are there any issues with the configuration of your existing plumbing fixtures or bathrooms that could complicate installation of new fixtures? Examples of  site conditions that could complicate installation include  limited clearance between the fixture and bathroom/stall door,  rotten/warped flooring, floor mounted urinals that require removal of walls and flooring to replace, and a history of clogged sewer drains.

* 15. Is there anything else we should know about your building that would affect installation of new high-efficiency plumbing fixtures?

If your property’s fixture eligibility is confirmed during a mandatory pre-inspection, you must agree to the following Program Terms and Conditions.  Your signature at the end of this application confirms you have read, understood, and agree with all the Program and Indemnification provisions. The Participant is defined as the water account holder, property owner(s), or the property owner’s legal representative.

1.       Participant agrees to allow entry and accompany a SFPUC representative or the SFPUC’s designated contractor, Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc. on the site to perform a pre- and/or post-installation inspection of the toilet(s) and/or urinal(s) when requested.
2.       The contractor shall have access to the property as necessary to install the high-efficiency toilets and urinals. The Participant must be present at the time of installation to permit entry to the property. A responsible adult must remain present at all times during the installation process.
3.       High-efficiency plumbing fixtures will not be installed at locations where abnormal site conditions exist, including but not limited to rotted flooring, broken waste flange, atypical rough-in dimensions, defective supply plumbing, hazardous materials in or around areas where work is being performed, and installation must not require carpentry or cosmetic repairs.
4.       Correction of any abnormal site conditions is the sole responsibility of the Participant.
5.       The installation of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures provided by the SFPUC is permanent. The contractor will prepare the old toilets and/or urinals for recycling. The Participant agrees to contact Recology to schedule a free pickup of the old plumbing fixture(s) under their bulky item pickup service. Recology's contact information will be provided to the Participant at the time of installation. For larger sites, the contractor will coordinate a cost estimate for the appropriate storage receptacle for dismantled old plumbing fixtures and schedule a date for removal.
6.      At the completion of the installation, the new high-efficiency toilets and/or urinals become property of the Participant. The SFPUC is not responsible for any manufacturer and/or contractor warranties. All products, services and labor are guaranteed and warranted solely by the manufacturer and/or contractor.
7.      Call-back services for labor warranties are provided by the contractor for 120 days following the date of installation. All warranty-related inquiries should be directed to Bottom Line Utility Solutions at (800) 597-2835.
8.       The SFPUC’s free High-Efficiency Toilet and Urinal Replacement Program is subject to available funds and the SFPUC reserves the right to cancel this program at any time.
9.       SFPUC reserves the right to deny any application that does not meet all program eligibility requirements.
10.     The SFPUC is not responsible for damage that might occur to a Participant’s property as a result of participation in the program.  The SFPUC is not responsible for the quality of the toilet or urinal, or installation, and does not warranty any toilet, urinal, or any fixture component.
11. The SFPUC does not warrant or guarantee that lower water bills may result from program participation.

* 16. By entering my name and date in the fields below, as a Participant, I hereby certify that the property listed on this application is being served as a retail water customer of the SFPUC. The SFPUC provides high-efficiency toilets and urinals to achieve its water conservation goals by reducing public water demand. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City and County of San Francisco (City) and all of its officers, agents, employees or authorized agents, employees or authorized representatives from any claims, suits, actions, losses or liability of every kind, nature and description resulting from participation in the High-Efficiency Toilet and Urinal Replacement Program, including but not limited to, the delivery, installation, product malfunction, plumbing malfunction, maintenance or use of high-efficiency toilets and/or urinals acquired from the SFPUC. This provision shall not apply if the loss is caused by the sole negligence or intentional tort of any person indemnified hereinabove.