The NPE Action/Network for Public Education 5th Annual Conference, October 20-21, 2018

NPE's 5th Annual Conference will be held  on October 20 - 21, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our theme is:

Our Schools, Our Democracy:
Our Fight for the Future 

The fight to save public education from those who want to privatize it has never been more important.

Which is where you come in.

We’re looking to our members from around the country to provide excellent workshop proposals.  We will have workshops both Saturday and Sunday. Each will last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. 

The call for proposals begins on February 14 and runs for four weeks, closing on March 14, 2018.  Applicants will be notified if their proposal was selected or not by March 25, 2018. Those proposals that are aligned with the theme of the conference will be given the highest consideration as there is a limited amount of workshop space available.

Topics we hope to see addressed in proposals include:
  1. Fighting back against privatizations in all its forms: vouchers, charters, online schools, ESAs and tax credits
  2. The different ways privatization looks in different communities. How is it affecting your school or community?
  3. Emerging issues: sanctuary cities/schools, resisting the DeVos/Trump agenda
  4. Lack of democratic governance in schools: what it looks like/how do we restore community voice?
  5. Successes in the fight against privatization
  6. Grassroots organizing
  7. Coalitions that survive--how to work together in real and lasting ways
  8. Women's leadership in public education
We welcome your ideas beyond this list as well.  What does fighting for public education mean to you?

Process Guidelines to consider that will impact our selection:
  1. We are looking for a good balance of workshops--single person presentations, panel discussions, action planning sessions, roundtable discussions, etc.
  2. Our members like to come away from workshops with concrete actions steps and a new network of allies--how might you facilitate that?
  3. Our commitment to diversity in race/ethnicity, gender, and geographic location should be reflected in your suggested list of panelists.
  4. Scholarships will be limited this year and we will be unable to fly an entire panel across the country to present.  Please be aware of the financial constraints we face.

Process Guidelines that must be followed:
  1. No more than 3 people on a panel.  You may have a moderator as well if you want one. 
  2. Panels will be approved as submitted, therefore if you need to make any modification like a substitution of a panelist or a title change, you must get the approval of NPE’s Executive Director or Conference Chair first.
  3. Technology needs must be included with proposal, although access is not guaranteed due to our limited budget.  Options we hope to have available include an overhead projector, screen, and wired microphones.  You will be expected to bring your own laptop and connecting cables.  If providing your own laptop presents a hardship, please get in touch with the Conference Chair or ED at
  4. If selected for the conference, you must register within one month. Upon selection, you will be emailed with registration instructions, including scholarship applications.  We will work with any selected panels to help ensure your participation, but must also have your commitment to attend.

* 1. Please enter your contact information

* 2. What is the title of your proposed session?

* 3. Which theme best matches your panel

* 4. List your co-presenters (if any) and/or a moderator. You may also request an NPE Board Member to moderate your panel.

* 5. Please describe the content and purpose of this session, including the intended audience

* 6. Please indicate the AV needs for your session (if available).

For those who need scholarship assistance, we will be offering two options: #1 - Registration at 1/2 price to help cover your food costs for 3 meals during the conference, or #2 - 1/2 price Registration plus one night's stay at our conference hotel. 

Anyone needing more assistance may request it, but it is not guaranteed.  Panelist's scholarship application information will be emailed to all those panelists selected for presentation at the conference.  Once a panelist applies for a scholarship, they will be notified of their award within 2 weeks, and must claim the scholarship by confirming receipt of your award email and by registering to attend the conference within 3 weeks of receipt to guarantee availability.
Thank you for your interest in our conference, and in your support of public education.  You will be notified if your panel is selected or not by March 25, 2018.  As Diane always says, 'There is strength in our numbers. Together we will save our schools.'  Your willingness to share you knowledge and talent with us is proof of that, and we look forward to reading your proposal.

 - The Conference Committee
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