In 2016, the voters of the City and County of San Francisco passed Proposition I and established the Dignity Fund to provide seniors and adults with disabilities the services and support they need to live with dignity in their own homes and communities. To fulfill this mission and address service gaps identified in the recent Dignity Fund Community Needs Assessment, the Department of Aging and Adult Services is in the process of developing a community cultural center focused on adults with disabilities.

The Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University is working with local disability communities to plan this new cultural center and give local people with disabilities a welcoming and accessible place to obtain services, socialize, build community, educate the public about disability and disability history, and express and foster disability culture.

Whether you identify as a person with a disability or are a caregiver, family member, or service professional with a close tie to disability, please tell us what types of programs, resources and events YOU would like to see in a new disability cultural center. 

This survey will be open until December 15, 2018, and will take approximately 12 minutes to complete.

If you encounter problems or need support to complete the survey, contact us at

Question Title

* 1. There are many directions the new disability cultural center could take. What would YOU like to get out of the new center? Please rate the priority we should give each option below.

  High priority Medium priority Low priority Don't know Doesn't apply to me
I can get to know people who have experiences that are similar to mine.
I have a place where I feel I belong, and where I can hang out on my own.
I can network and participate in opportunities for career promotion, sharing projects, etc.
I can gain a sense of disability pride.
I can access information about disability-related services, programs and events.
I can find out how to get food, healthcare, employment, etc.
I can learn something new from people with disabilities (in the arts, sciences, politics, activism, etc.)
I can use the space as a hub for meetings and organizing efforts.
I can get involved in advocacy for disability rights.

Question Title

* 3. What programs should be offered at the new disability cultural center? Please rate your interest in the following ARTS AND CULTURAL activities and services:

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested Undecided
Art Galleries/exhibitions of art by disabled people
Music and dance classes or clubs
Arts and cultural performances by/for disabled people (theater, dance, comedy, film, etc.)
Maker/artist/craft spaces and workshops

Question Title

* 4. Please rate your interest in the following SOCIAL activities and services:

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested Undecided
Identity Group Meet-Ups (LGBTQIA, people of color, disability types, caregivers, parents, etc.)
Entertainment (games, book clubs, film screenings, etc.)
Career networking
Sports (club teams, adaptive sports)
Private event space rental (parties, weddings, funerals, community events, etc.)

Question Title

* 5. Please rate your interest in the following EDUCATION AND RESOURCE activities and services:

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested Undecided
Disability Education (disability studies lectures, disability awareness month and ADA celebrations, disability history, heritage and preservation activities, etc.)
Benefits (training on how to access housing support and other public benefits and services)
Employment (coaching, workshops, strategies for how to discuss disability status)
Computer and technology (public computer lab, assistive technology trainings, tech fairs, new product testing and demos, development of new and "beta" products, etc.)
Advocacy (education, networking and training on how to advocate for disability rights)
Health (nutrition, fitness and wellness classes)
Sexual Health (education, skills, safety, parenting)
Cafe and work space

Question Title

* 6. Please rate your interest in the following SUPPORT SERVICES:

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested Undecided
Food and nutrition (subsidized lunches, food pantry, nutritional counseling)
Housing (opportunities, applications, rental assistance)
Benefits (information and assistance with enrollment)
Legal (advice, counseling, documents, representation)
Transportation (information and discounted passes)

Question Title

* 7. Are there any other activities or services you would like the disability cultural center to offer?

Question Title

* 8. On what days of the week are you likely to hang out or attend activities/events at a disability cultural center?

  Very Likely Somewhat Likely Not Likely Don't Know
Weekday Mornings
Weekday Afternoons
Weekday Evenings
Weekend Mornings
Weekend Afternoons
Weekend Evenings