Instructions - Please read carefully 

This section will provide guidance on how to progress through the Survey Monkey platform: 

a) When you complete your responses on each page of the course, you must press the green 'NEXT' button at the end of the page to ensure the saving of your responses as you progress through the course. This will allow you to exit the survey, and return to it later to continue from the next question. 

b) If you exit the course and want to return to it later, you need to access it from the same link and device that you accessed it on previously. For example, if you started the course from your personal laptop, you need to continue the course from this device, in order to continue from your previous progress.

c) On page two of this course, you will need to enter some details (e.g. contact details) for our records. Please ensure you provide accurate details in this section. 

d) As you progress through the course, you will see that there are some links embedded, which you will need to refer to. Simply click on the link, and the document will open in a separate tab in your browser. You are also able to download or print this document for your convenience. 

e) To view the three short videos in this course, simply press the play button. There is no limit to the number of times you can view these. 

f) Once you have provided an answer to each of the questions, and progressed to the final page of the course, you can submit your responses by pressing the green 'DONE' button which will appear at the end of the last page. To go back and review your responses before submitting simply press the 'PREV' button. 

g) Participants are allowed one attempt at completing the course before it is submitted. Once the course has been submitted, you are not able to make any changes to your responses.

h) Once you have completed and submitted the course, a member of the VAAP Coordination Team will contact you with your result.