SEJ Awards seeking judges, back-up judges and screeners.

We're changing the schedule a bit, and this year screening for SEJ Awards begins around late May - early June. Screeners have about four weeks to complete screening. 

Judging will begin for some categories in late May and all judges should be starting by July 12. Judges' deadline for results is August 18. 

The Pulliam Award involves selecting the best piece and one honorable mention from the first-place winners of the SEJ awards. Judging begins in late August with a deadline of Sept. 18. 

SEJ is looking for 30 judges for SEJ categories -- three for each category -- and 8-10 screeners to work in teams of two. Several back-up judges are also needed. 

If you want to learn more, please complete this brief form to tell us your interests. If you need to take a pass this year -- or you'd rather leave judging awards as a fond memory, select one of the Take a Pass buttons.

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