The Society of Economic Geologists is hosting its annual conference in Denver, CO, United States, in August 2022.  This conference will showcase a number of critical themes, including vital metals for the next century, evolving and emerging exploration technologies, and exploring the full mineral value supply chain. 

We are soliciting expressions of interest for running workshops and field trips at the conference to be held in August 2022.  Specific conference themes and descriptions are below.  Please use this form to submit your information and ideas by February 15, 2022.
Conference Themes

Vital metals for the next century: from exploration and discovery through production

The rising demand for vital metals brings a renewed global focus on mining and economic geology. Sessions on exploration for base metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe, and Al), precious metals (Au, Ag, and PGM), and the REE (Sc, Y, and the Lanthanides) will include geologic descriptions, ore deposit models, geochemistry, and mining case studies.

Critical minerals for our energy future: geology and ore deposit models

As demand accelerates for key commodities to build energy storage for transportation and utility delivery, SEG 2022 will provide a unique venue for discussion of exploration models, descriptive geology, and mining case studies for Li, Co, Ni, graphite, and other critical energy minerals. 

New frontiers, innovative technologies, and emerging opportunities in economic geology

The next century brings opportunities to meet challenges with growth, including embracing a more diverse workforce of economic geologists, focusing on sustainable mining practices, and developing - not only a license to operate - but a real force for positive change in our global communities.

Exploring the full value chain from mine to market

Electronics and renewable energy products demand fully integrated supply chains, and this is true especially for vital metals and critical minerals for energy storage. As economic geologists, our role can extend beyond exploration and mining to the processing of critical energy minerals for advanced battery materials as well as repurposing, reusing, and recycling materials at every step. This theme will include topics such as mineralogy, geometallurgy, and nanotechnology.