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The instructor presented the information in an organized manner.
The instructor assisted in making the course material understandable.
The instructor satisfactorily answered student questions concerning learning objectives within 24 hours.
The instructor was knowledgeable about the course content.
The class discussions enhanced my understanding of the course concepts.
The instructor encouraged students to participate in the learning process (e.g., through discussions, projects and other activities).
The instructor offered additional support such as tutoring in the course and encouraged the use of free SmarThinking tutoring services, if necessary.

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The instructor was fair and impartial.
The instructor was genuinely concerned with student progress.
The instructor provided constructive feedback throughout the course.
The instructor stimulated student interest in the course content and learning objectives.
The instructor used "real world" practical information and examples to encourage learning.

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The course syllabus clearly defined the learning objectives and requirements.
The instructor clearly defined the grading methodology used to determine grades.
Assignments and other assessments were graded and returned in a timely manner.

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The textbook and other required readings for the course aided my understanding of the course learning objectives.
The amount of work required for this course was just right.
I was challenged to do my best work to meet the course's learning objectives.
Overall the course met my expectations.

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