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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Top 100 UK social enterprise!

The team at Pioneers Post magazine is pleased to welcome your nomination for our NatWest SE100 Index & Social Business Awards 2024, delivered in partnership with NatWest Social & Community Capital.

How does the application work?
In this form, you will find a series of questions designed to find out more about your organisation and why you should be in this year's Top 100.

Please be as thorough as you can in answering these questions. Those marked with an asterisk are compulsory. However, even though some questions are optional, the more answers you provide, the more points can be awarded to you during the judging and due diligence process.

To be eligible for the Top 100 Index and all/any of the awards, applicants must fill in AT LEAST pages 2 to 4. After that, your overall SE100 score will be higher if you also answer the additional sections.

To stand a chance of being shortlisted or winning one of this year's awards you must complete the relevant section. You must also provide copies of your full annual accounts (balance sheet and P&L), and (if you have one) your latest impact report, all of which will be treated in confidence. We also ask you to provide us with photos illustrating your work, which will help our judges and may be used in our stories if you are successful in reaching one of our awards shortlists.
Please note: we are looking for you to tell a great story about your organisation and your achievements during the past year, but remember that we also need clear examples of outcomes, facts and figures to back up your claims!

What else can you expect in this form:
  • page 2: All about your organisation (compulsory for all top 100 entries)
  • page 3: Financial information (compulsory for all top 100 entries, with specific questions for Social Business Champion and Pioneering Newcomer awards)
  • page 4: Managing your social impact (compulsory for top 100 & for Impact award)
  • page 5: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (compulsory for Diversity award)
  • page 6: Social investment (compulsory for the Social Investment award)
  • page 7: Leadership questions (compulsory for Leadership award)
  • page 8: Environmental questions (compulsory for the Climate award)

Deadline & announcements
The deadline to apply for this year's NatWest SE100 will be midnight on Sunday 5 May 2024.

The final SE100 Index (list of top 100 social enterprises) and shortlists for seven SE100 Social Business Awards will be announced in late June/ early July 2024, with the winners revealed at a celebration event on Tuesday 16 July 2024 at NatWest's conference venue at 250 Bishopsgate, central London.

Stay tuned
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- The deadline to finalise this application form is midnight on Sunday 5 May 2024.

- Before you begin the survey, you will find it helpful to gather some documents such as your annual accounts, impact data/report and images illustrating your work, which will help you provide accurate and engaging answers.

- To take a look at the full form, you can download it from the SE100 article on the Pioneers Post website.

- You can update your answers until you complete the survey. You can also return to the survey to pick up where you left off as long as you use the same computer, and/or edit previous responses until you click the "Done" button at the end.

- We also recommend you save your responses for your own admin. You will NOT receive an email confirming your responses so make sure you save your answers separately.

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