South Dakota Mentor Program 

Who is ELIGIBLE to participate in the South Dakota Mentoring Program?
  • Must be a first year teacher employed by a South Dakota public school (or started teaching no sooner than January of 2017).

What is the DURATION of the New Teacher's commitment to the program?
  • New teachers agree to participate in the mentor program for a period of two years.

What is REQUIRED of a New Teacher?
  • Must obtain administrative sign-off to participate in the program
  • Must attend one kick-off day with assigned Mentor
    • August 2  - Rapid City; or
    • August 2 or 3- Sioux Falls; or
    • August  2 - Brookings; or
    • August 3 - Pierre; or
    • September 15 - Rapid City; or
    • September 15 - Sioux Falls
  • Must participate in 34 hours of mentoring - Minimum 18 hours of which must be face-to-face 
  • Must attend Summer Academy 
    • June 4 & 5 (2018) in Sioux Falls

What is the COMPENSATION for a new teacher participating in the South Dakota Mentor Program?
  • Meals and mileage reimbursement to attend Kick-Off
  • Mileage and Hotel reimbursement to attend Summer Academy
  • Mileage reimbursement for face-to-face mentoring if traveling between towns
  • Upon completion of the two year program, certified teachers will have met the requirements to renew their certificate.  
  • Participation in the mentor program will satisfy the district mentoring requirements for alternative certification teachers. 
  • DOE will require a completed W-9 form and License Plate # for reimbursement

Substitute Reimbursement
  • Kick-Off -  If attending September 15th.
    • Districts will receive up to $100 substitute reimbursement per mentor
  • Mentoring
    • A $500 substitute reimbursement for mentoring time will be shared between the new teacher district and the assigned mentor district dependent on need.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. This is my

* 3. I prefer

* 4. What grade span do you teach?  Choose the one that best describes your teaching assignment.  This information will assist in assigning you a mentor.


If chosen, you will be required to attend ONE of the following kick-off events with your assigned mentor:
August 2 or 3 - Rapid City; or
August 2 or 3 - Sioux Falls; or
August 2        - Brookings; or
August 3         - Pierre;; or
September 15 - Rapid City; or
September 15 - Sioux Falls

If chosen, you will be required to attend the Summer Academy
June 4 & 5 in Sioux Falls

* 6. Verification of agreement to terms of program

To complete your application, your principal will need to download and complete the administrator sign-off form and submit it to DOE.

Click to access 
Administrator Sign-off form.

Suggestion: Download and email the form to your administrator for completion. 

Note:  The access code to sign up for a kick-off is  "mentor4life"