Welcome to Skokie School District 73.5!

This form is STEP ONE to enroll your child as a NEW student at any of the schools in Skokie School District 73.5. Please carefully read and answer all the questions. Please note: A student moving from Meyer to Middleton or from Middleton to McCracken is not considered a NEW student.

Please be prepared to scan and upload the following:
  • your child's original birth certificate (must be a government-issued document)
  • parent/guardian driver's license (with current, in-district address)
  • a completed Home Language Survey (linked HERE)

STEP TWO (a separate form) will require you to scan and upload documents that prove you live in this school district. For homeowners, your most recent mortgage statement or real estate tax bill and two current utility bills. For renters, your current lease, Landlord Affidavit, and two current utility bills. If you share your home with someone who is the owner or renter, other documents, including a completed and notarized Special Affidavit will be required.

STEP THREE consists of any health-related forms that may be required for your child. There are different requirements for different grade levels.

STEP FOUR: Online e-Registration is required before a student can begin attending school.

STEP FIVE will be payment of school fees. Additional information is available on the website.

All information is stored securely and will only be shared with the district. 
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