Is Santa Clarita ready for a bike share service? You tell us. Many communities around the United States now have bike sharing services where visitors and community members can rent a bicycle from one of multiple bike stations around town.


The bike rentals are typically used for short periods of time (hours) and can be used by following three simple steps:
1) Check Out - For a nominal fee, you can check out a bicycle at a self-serve kiosk.
2) Ride! Ride the bicycle around town for the purposes of transportation, recreation or tourism.
3) Dock - Return the bicycle to any other kiosk located within the system's service area. Kiosks are situated at key locations and provide a cost-effective mobility option for trips too far to walk, but too costly to make by taxi or private vehicle.

Answer our short survey and let us know what you think about bringing a bike share service to your City. Enter your name and contact information to be entered for a prize drawing for gift cards!

* 1. Would you like to see bike sharing programs or services in Santa Clarita?

* 2. What is your current experience with bike sharing?

* 3. Would you use the bike sharing program if there were multiple stations in Santa Clarita? (Please select all that would apply)

* 4. For bike sharing to be successful where would you like to see the bike sharing  stations? (Please select up to three)

* 5. In regards to a potential bike sharing program in Santa Clarita, do you have any other thoughts or opinions?

For completing the survey, we’d like to enter you into a random drawing to win a prize! Please fill out the following information. The prize drawing will occur on March 31, 2017.

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